Featured Past Projects

Corn Production Simulation in JS, HTML, & CSS:

-Conducted comprehensive research to meticulously align the simulation's design and functionality with the precision required by the field of agriculture

-Collaborated closely with my research mentor to extend the simulation's capabilities, effectively addressing dynamic research objectives and demands

-Conducted a series of rigorous tests to validate the simulation's accuracy while proactively identifying opportunities for enhancing the user-friendly GUI

Event Nostalgia in JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, & SQL:

-Web app to relive & share favorite events. Insert & rate events, sort by rating/date, with user authentication & admin page.

Terminal Connect 4 Game and Artificial Intelligence Opponent in C++:

-Conceptualized and programmed an efficient connect 4 algorithm and an intelligent AI opponent providing an enjoyable yet challenging gameplay experience

-Tested the game extensively to identify and fix any bugs or issues, ensuring smooth and error-free gameplay

Intelligent Routing for Emergency Services in Edwardsville in JS, HTML, CSS, Python (Django):

-This program implements intelligent routing algorithms to optimize emergency service routes in Edwardsville.

News Scraper in Python

The News Scraper is a Python script that allows one to scrape text content from news articles on the web. It utilizes the requests library to fetch HTML content from specified URLs and the BeautifulSoup library for HTML parsing. This script can be particularly useful for tasks such as data analysis, building intelligent agents, or simply staying up-to-date with news articles without having to scroll through advertisements.

Working Projects

Open World Text Based Game in C++:

-Conceptualized, designed, and began development on an expansive open world game featuring 8 meticulously crafted cities

-Developed and implemented a dynamic and immersive currency system that added depth and realism to the game's economy

-Designed and balanced all gameplay systems to ensure a rewarding and immersive experience for players as they progressed through the game

-Crafted captivating narratives and quest lines that provided players with meaningful choices and consequences

Collatz Conjecture Research Calculator in C++:

-Developed a program to apply the Collatz Conjecture to user-provided input, systematically exploring the conjecture's properties and behavior

-Employed a wide range of probability and statistics practices to analyze the data generated by the Collatz Conjecture simulations, revealing patterns and insights

-Conducted extensive data visualization to represent the Collatz sequences, aiding in the discovery of underlying trends and characteristics

Other Past Projects

Crop Success Probability Calculator in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS:

-Collaborated with a partner to design and develop a dynamic crop success probability calculator using Git that evaluates soil type, climate conditions, management practices, and crop selection, providing users with accurate predictions for the success of 11 distinct crops


Bachelors of Science: Computer Science | Double Minor: Mathematical Studies & Statistics | Southern Illinois University Edwardsville | Expected 05/25

Activities and Societies: Machine Intelligence Community, Computer Association of SIUE, Game Development Group, Chess Club, Disc Golf Club, Phi Kappa Psi, Hackathons

-Founder and President of the Machine Intelligence Community

-Treasuer, Finance Board Member, and Executive Board Member of Phi Kappa Psi

-Recipiant of the John Miller Foundation Scholarship, Cougar Pride Scholarship, Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship, Herrin High School Student Government Scholarship, Herrin Fire Department Scholarship, Herrin Fiesta Italian Scholarhip, and Laborers Local 773 Scholarship

High School Diploma | Herrin High School | Graduated 05/22

GPA: Weighted: 4.6/4.0, Unweighted: 4.0/4.0 (Valedictorian)

Activities and Teams: Math Team, Academic Challenge in Engineering Sciences - ACES, Future Bussiness Leaders of America - FBLA, Scholastic Bowl, National Honor Society, Student Government, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Soccer, French Club, Pep Club, Student Announcements

-Worked with a classmate to design and build a website for a local auto shop qualifying for FBLA nationals after winning 3rd at the FBLA State Leadership Conference in Springfield

-President of National Honor Society

-2 Year Math Team Captain

-ACES Captain

-Historian & Parlimentarian of FBLA

-Competed in 12 Southwest Math Competitions at Southwestern Illinois College from 2018-2022 winning 4 times, placing second 6 times, and placing third 2 times

-Led the Herrin Math Team to win the ICTM Regional Math Contest and place 1st out of all the public schools at the ICTM State Math Contest in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022

-2019 & 2022 SIU Carbondale Math Field Day Champion, 2021 SIU Carbondale American Mathematics Olympiad Bronze Award

-2019 ICTM Regionals Champion in Algebra I, 2020 ICTM Regionals Runner Up in Geometry, 2021 ICTM Regionals Champion in Algebra II, 2022 ICTM Regionals Runner Up in Calculus

-2022 Southeast Missouri State University Math Field Day Champion

-2021 ACES Regionals Champion in Computer Science, 2021 & 2022 ACES Regionals Champion in Mathematics, 2022 ACES Regionals Runner Up in Physics

-2022 ACES Sectionals Champion in Mathematics, 2021 ACES Sectionals Runner Up in Mathematics, 2022 ACES Sectionals Runner Up in Physics

About Me

Headshot sister friends usher

Hello! I'm Logan Nitzsche, a Computer Science student at SIUE. With a strong foundation in programming, during my studies, I have become proficient in C++, C, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and R I've honed with various software tools such as Git/Github, Visual Studio, R Studio, MySQL, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and IWorks Suite.

Beyond academia, you'll frequently discover me engrossed in a diverse array of interests and hobbies. My love for music runs deep, as I possess skill in both piano and guitar. Moreover, whether it's hitting the tennis court or exploring picturesque disc golf courses, I relish in outdoor activities. I also find comfort in maintaining an active lifestyle through physique training, and I derive immense satisfaction from engaging in the creative art of writing.

Driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, I am eager to apply my diverse skill set to projects within the STEM community.



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Name Description Price
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